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500 How To's for the boating home repairer  

This excellent section contains over 500 independent articles on different aspects of boating . It contains some of the best reading you will ever need and is great for both the boat owner and the prospective buyer. Why did my boat blister and what should I do?

Boating Maps for  NSW coastal waters

Here are free boating maps of the NSW waters. in shore and off shore. They are downloadable in PDF format. They are provided by the NSW waterways in the interest of boating safety.

Welding Stainless Steel

So how hard is this? Welding stainless is always regarded as rocket science by the general boat repairer. We dispel some of the myths

Surveying Fiberglass  boats  

A look at GRP boat surveying from the surveyors point of view. Gives and insight into osmosis and what causes it. Gets quite technical on the use of resins and their compositions.

Boat Glossary

Need to know the difference between a Fractional and a Masthead rig or a schooner and a sloop

All those boating terms can become pretty confusing for those new to boating. Here are some explanations.

Fiberglass Tips

Painting Your Boat

Learning to Sail  not finished yet

Learning to sail on a budget is very possible. So how does the beginner learn to sail without spending big dollars?. Here are some ideas. 

Tuning your Rigging    not finished yet

So you want to race that boat? The most underestimated achievable advantage you can get is to tune your rigging.


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