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These articles belong to  PRACTICAL SAILOR magazine. Because it accepts no commercial advertising, it has the unfettered freedom to deliver impartial and uncompromising evaluations of today’s sailing gear and equipment. To subscribe to this magazine or review new articles please visit their site by clicking the link above     

Battery Care Pays Off
The Golden Rule for Electronics
Design for Handrails
Keels: Minor Maintenance and Repair
Keep Seacocks Working Smoothly
The Stockroom: Building Your Tool Kit
Winterizing the Engine
Box for Binoculars
Fair Through Hull Fittings
A Better Way to Mount Hardware
Laid Teak Decks
Resins, Fillers, and Fabrics
Sparkling Brightwork
Good Hope's Folding Fiddles
Installing Loran: No Shortcuts
Design for Accessible Radio Rack
Boat Clinic: The Rig
The Stockroom: Added Storage Space
Improve Your Catalina
Tuning the Masthead Rig
Design for a Mug Rack
To Make a Smooth Bottom
Teak: A Little Effort
Ideas & Innovations
New Nonskid
Tableware Storage
Taming the Wild Boom
Wood is Wood
Design for a Dock Box
Improving the Icebox
A Headsail Luff-Groove Device
Official Line on Rope
Upgrading the Tartan 27
Wooden Anchor Chocks
Proper Fastenings
A Good Icebox, From Scratch
Ideas & Innovations
Safety Gear to the Man Overboard
Ideas & Innovations: Bilge Pump Monitor
Design for Adjustable Jib Cars
Boat Clinic: Midseason Maintenance
No Supermarket at Sea
Clear the Decks
Snug in a Boatyard
Coaxial Cable Through-Deck Fittings
Boat Clinic: Metal Chafe Plates
Ideas & Innovations: Gloom Relief
Life Raft Stowage
OSTAR-Crossed Singlehander
Ideas & Innovations: Boat Burglar Alarm
User Report: Lasdrop Shaft Seal
Propane: Cooking on a Boat
Don't Wait Til Spring
Design for Winch Handles
Stern Rail Mount Work Surface
Fall Harvest of Products
Fresh Air Everywhere, Not a Breath Below
Ideas & Innovations
Variations on a Ventilator
Anyone can Sail
Design for Cockpit Foot Brace
Ideas & Innovations
Over There - Bargains for Americans
Sailing is Freedom for Me
The Multifarious Mainsheet
Design for Fender Boards
Handling Hazardous Materials
Ideas & Innovations: Anchor Rodes
An Inexpensive Polisher
Simple Replacement for the Stuffing Box
Interior Teak Trim
An Awning for Your Boat
Ideas & Innovations: Liven Up Interior
Made in Europe: Foreign Goodies
Latest in Osmosis Cures from Europe
Boat Clinic: Stuffing Box Maintenance
Getting the Charge Out of Lightning
A Cure for the Pox
Design for Underdeck Storage
Struck by Lightning: Readers Comment
Boat Clinic: Tank Vents
Design for Griffiths Hatches
Ideas & Innovations
Polyurethane: Do It Yourself
Recasting a Prop Strut
A Versatile, Low-cost Whisker Pole
Design for a Backstay Adjuster
Ideas from the Leading Edge
Ideas and Innovations: Luff Tapes
Rebuild Your Worn-Out Dinghy
Power Sanders: The Sailor's Shortcut
An Accurate Compass: Peace of Mind
Design for Dinghy Wheels
Ideas & Innovations
Prepare for Offshore: Safety Equipment
Singlehanding: A Special Type of Madness
Design for Dinghy Wheels - Part 2
High Roler: High-Tech, Down-to-Earth
Ideas & Innovations
Repairing the Keel Crunch
Design for Condiments Rack
Ideas & Innovations
Mast Support for Trailerable Boats
New Lines - With a Paint Brush
Storing Your Boat at Home
Boat Clinic: Winter Layup
Design for Long-line Backing Plates
Ideas for Your Boat
Ideas & Innovations: Snag-free Cowls
A Jammed Halyard is no Joke
Ten Steps to Winterizing the Inboard Aux
How to Buy Sails
Gloria Hammers Home Tough Lessons
Ideas & Innovations: Unventilation
Design for Instrument Covers
Help Your Boat Survive a Major Storm
Ideas & Innovations
The Rise of Nav Station
A Quick and Easy Solution
State of the Art
Design for Stove Top Work Area
Hot Ideas for Frozen Fastenings
Ideas & Innovations
Your Friendship With Your Inboard Engine
The Marine Surveyor and You

A Cabin Sole to Please
So You Want to be Fancy
Install an Engine Hour Meter
Design for Spinnaker Nets



A Better Way to Mount Hardware
Design for: A Portable Galley
Sheathing Bulkheads: Fit Glue and Finish
Install a Water Saver: A Galley Foot Pump
Adhesives: Making a Successful Selection
Maintenance: Battery Care Pays Off
Book Report: The Boatwright's Companion
Evaluating Your Boat's Electrical Needs
Do-it-Yourself Loran Installation
Product News: Avon Introduces New Warranty
Sketch Book: Pivot Bin
Laid Teak Decks: Hallmark of Quality
Adhesives: Making a Successful Selection
Book Report: The Rigger's Apprentice
Keeping Your Cool: Improving the Icebox
Do-it-Yourself Loran Installation
A Better Way to Mount Hardware
Video Simplfies Boat Handling
Sketch Book: Ladder
A Few Thoughts on Adding, Replacing Tanks
Book Report: On Boat Construction
Corrosion Protection for Metal Fitting
Improving the Icebox - Part II
Plywood: Grades and Classifications
Product Notes: Teak Pencil Box
Sketch Book: Drawer
Tanks Part II: Integral Tanks
The Rig: Keep It Standing
Book Report: Upgrading the Cruising Sailboat
Keeping Your Cool Part III
Metal Chafe Plates
Making Your Own Metal Parts
Building the Poor Man's Jointer
Good News for Sticky Seacocks
Sketch Book: Deck Hatch Framing
Teak: A Little Effort Goes a Long Way
Ballast Keels: Preventative Maintenance
Keeping Your Cool - Part IV
Building the Poor Man's Jointer - Part II
Life Raft Stowage
Sheathing Wood with FRP
Sketch Book: Companionway Hatch
Proper Fasteners for the Proper Yacht
Do You Need a Headsail Luff-Groove Device?
Why Tow It When You Can Stow It?
Is Propane a Proper Fuel?
Sheathing Wood with FRP - Part II
Sketch Book: Windows
Wood: Species Selection for Marine Applications
Companionway Hatch Screens
Ideas and Innovations
Midseason Maintenance
Marine AC: Electrical Wiring Basics
Plastic Laminate for Interior Joinery
Product Notes
Is Propane a Proper Fuel?
Sheathing Wood with FRP - Part III
Sketch Book: Handrails
Maintenance of Aluminum Spars
Bilge Pump Monitor
Laminate for Interior Joinery - Part II
Product Notes
Sketch Book: Nicopress Terminals
Anchor Wells and Bow Rollers
Winterizing the Engine
Fresh Air Everywhere But Not a Breath Below
Product Notes: The Epoxy Book
Sketch Book: Latches & Catches
Offseason Storage: The Mast In or Out?
Laying a Teck Deck - The Modern Way
Let's Talk Terminals
Proper Winter Layup
Mainsheet & Mainsheet Traveler Systems
Product Notes
Protecting Wood from Humidity
Sailor's Ropes
Build Yourself a Boatyard Scaffold
Sketch Book: Anchor Roller
Laying a Teak Deck - Part II
Marine Plumbing for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Ideas & Innovations: Broken Screw Removal
Converting Interior Light Fixtures
Admitting Natural Light
Sailor First, Fisherman Second
Dinghy Alchemy
Care of the Hydraulic Drive System
Ideas & Innovations: Cockpit Loran Mount
Design for Jib Downhaul
Marine Electonics Cable Connectors
Custom Shower Sump and Pump
Change Your Oil
Minor Repair to Cored Decks
A Leaky Port: Stemming the Tide
Plywood for Marine Applications
Design for Tiller Extension Handle
Design for a Companionway Screen
Good Ideas from New Boats
A Leather Cover on the Wheel
A Quality Cover Saves Wear and Tear
Conduit Winter Cover Frame
Design for Cockpit Coaming Lockers
Folding Cabin Table
Ideas & Innovations: Dockline Security
A Renaissance in Yacht Interiors

Practice of Nav Station Design
Design for Paper Roll Holder
Air Conditioning for Your Boat
Design for Chart Stowage
Ideas & Innovations
Love Those Mighty Mini-Outboards
Better Antenna Hook-Ups
Ideas & Innovations: Avoiding the Crash
Boat Clinic: Life with Lead-Free Fuel
Design for Shotgun Stowage
Navigator's Nightmare: Yacht Design 101
A Finicky Filter System is the Key
Ingredients for Good Boat Kitchens
Design for Halyard Bags
Ideas & Innovations: Water Level Gauge
Keep the Cook Safe
Install an Audible Alarm
How to Keep Food Cold
Ideas & Innovations
Engine Oil Analysis
New Lube Oil Filters
A Little Play in the Rudder
Design for Vented Ports
Best Tools for the Boat owner

A Good Trolling Rig
Removable Cockpit Foot Brace




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